Dr. Leonard Hochstein

Plastic Surgeon, Miami, FL

Dr. Leonard Hochstein is a plastic surgeon based in Miami, Florida who specializes in Mommy Makeover Procedures.  He has over 20 years of experience practicing and has performed thousands of successful surgeries.  Dr. Hochstein offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures and also has a MedSpa on location for non-surgical needs. 

Dr. Hochstein trained in general trauma surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, before becoming Chief Surgical Resident in 1995.  While at Parkland, Dr. Hochstein published many research papers for scientific journals, several of which were printed in the Annuals of Plastic Surgery.  For schooling, Dr. Hochstein completed his M.D. at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Hochstein launched his plastic surgery center in 1998 in Miami, where he has kept the same mission that he stayed true to throughout his career:  Changing the quality of life of people by self improvement.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Moscow, Russia
  • Currently Resides in Miami, FL
  • Speaks English, Russian, Spanish

education background

  • M.D. from Louisiana State University
  • Science / Medicine Accelerated from Louisiana State University

Professional Experience

  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Leonard M. Hochstein, M.D.
  • Plastic Surgery Fellowship.  University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Hand Surgery Fellowship.  University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Residency at University of Texas Medical Center-Southwestern Parkland Memorial Hospital

Connect with Dr. Leonard Hochstein

If you would like more information regarding mommy makeover procedures, you can get in touch by visiting the Contact Page where you can fill out the form with your inquiry, and we will get back to you right away.  Feel free to follow Dr. Hochstein on social media keep up to date and see examples of his mommy makeover results.


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